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ClickTime Screenshot's mission is to deliver high-quality, incredibly friendly business applications to the web-enabled user.

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About ClickTime began in 1997 as a division of Mann Consulting, a San Francisco-based IT consulting firm. At the time, Mann's clients were demanding solutions not being adequately handled by existing software products or web-based tools. ClickTime quickly became one of the earliest SaaS firms. The company was spun off as a separate entity in late 1999 under the name

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ClickTime — Timesheet management software of choice for thousands of customers worldwide

Timesheets can be easier. ClickTime Web Timesheet gives you enterprise-class time and expense tracking at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions — and without an IT investment. Enjoy total visibility of your workforce, their activities, and their efficiency.

ReviewManager - Outsourced client-review tool

ReviewManager is an outsourced client-review tool, perfect for anyone who wants to show work over the web. Instead of dealing with the hassle of e-mail attachments, messengers or having to ask your computer department to help you, anyone can use ReviewManager.

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